a life well lived

Monday, May 11, 2015

Energized 05/09/01

I sat in the big chair in the living room today and thought about the many remarkable things that happened in my life over the past week or so. 

  • Mike and Kerry and Karen called from Australia to send their love and support.  It was wonderful to hear their voices and to picture them in their beautiful home. 
  • Peter took me out for a lovely rambly drive after an eye doctor's appointment. 
  • Dr. Miller is pleased with how well my eyes have recovered from cataract surgery and took me off any medicine.  Yea! 
  • Mim called to give me her love and support.  
  • One of John's paintings was featured on the cover of a Pennsylvania Railroad Technical and Historical Society publications and he is getting prints made to sell.  He is such a talented artist - he makes me proud and I know his Mom must be busting her buttons and telling Pete all about him.  
  • The Velveteen Grammie was published in Theta Alpha Journal -- I have had such unexpected people call and write letters to tell me that it meant something to them.  It is strange that I never gave much thought to how it might hit others.  I am grateful to Elsa for being a my Faithful Scribe, interviewer and editor, and to my Internet discussion groups for drawing out the material.
  • Bittersweet - I am bidding adieu to one online discussion group and joining a new one.
  • Whitney and Chad moved into their first house this past weekend.  My goodness, it seems like just last year that Pete and I were moving into our first home, the Little House by the Pennypack.
  • Elsa has been keeping the house filled with the aroma of muffin baking - I get to "taste test" each batch, which is a delicious job.  I look forward to Sunday's party.  It will be nice to have it early in the day, most restful for my ancient bones. 
  • I got a note from granddaughter-of-the-heart Carolyn Heldon with her travel itinerary for her summertime (ours, not hers) visit from Australia to Bryn Athyn.  I cannot wait for a major hug and to see her shorn locks.  Mostly, I want to just hug and hug and hug her.  I miss her so very much. 
  • We had a lovely long gab with Scott and Kimberly.  They sound wonderful and it was great to hear what is happening in their life. I look forward to wrapping them in a great big Nan hug before the year is out.

So many wonderful things happening in my life (I am sure I am leaving things out).  Calloo Callay!   Holding each of you in my thoughts.

Love to one and all - Grammie Kay