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Sunday, December 21, 2014

ornaments & memories 12/21/00

The most precious ornaments in our house are the ones that we made when Peter
was a toddler - a baby coach that's now missing a "wheel" and a little red wagon that was stepped on two years ago.  The damage to the coach isn't obvious and John managed the little red wagon "all better" with a little glue and some skillful application of his airbrush.   

The angels that Ian made have brought specialgrace to the tree and topped it until just a few years ago, when an angel bear - which is perfect for Squirrel Haven - took over the tree topping duties.  

 The clay ornaments that Whitney and Reynolds made many moons ago have long since crumbled, but I do think about them every year as we put up the other treasures.  The paper Santa and cardboard clown that Ian made, the ornaments from Tiffany that Mim had at each place as "favors" at a swanky Christmas Eve dinner she put on for the four of us (Pete, myself, Mim and Elsa), the really really old Murphy ornaments, and so many more that I cannot remember at this moment.

Our tree is decked out with love and memories and happiness.

Have a holly-jolly-getting-ready-for Christmas.  ~ KRL ~

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