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Thursday, April 2, 2015

circling the wagons 04/02/01

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John is home.  It was wonderful that he could get the care he did in the hospital when his temperature was soaring past 104 and it is so wonderful to have him back under his own roof.  His temperature is normal and he is able to get up and about, but I can tell how weak he still feels.  Also, his appetite is a far cry from normal. 

It tears my heart out to hear the dear lad coughing a deep-chested, painful cough.  He has to take care to take things easy, because pneumonia can sneak back. 

What a three days it has been.  It does not seem possible that it has only been a bit over 80 hours.  It felt like an eternity.  On behalf of all three of us, thank you for your loving thoughts and for your caring e-mails. 

Special love and hugs to Carole Grisin, who made an impossible Sunday bearable, and to Lisa Hyatt Cooper, who came over tonight and helped bag up newspapers, helped dig out the kitchen counter top, washed the dishes, and was a bright ray of friendship.  The stove top is forever in her debt. 

While she was here, my nephew Bob Ripley called from California to find out how John is faring.  It touched Elsa to have someone in the family touch base and hearts.

When something shockingly sudden as John's illness happens, it is amazing how people circle the wagons of friendship and support.  You might be weary of hearing the saga of John, but having you out there made our lives more bearable in a dark and frightening time. 

With thanks and love – Katharine Reynolds Lockhart

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