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Friday, April 3, 2015

I, for one... - 04/03/01

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I, for one, had quite a few friends who enjoyed every aspect of marriage.  I do not think that I am all that unusual – many of my friends felt, as I did, that "on a physical level, marriage could be every bit as pleasurable as it could be emotionallly gratifying and spiritually delightful."  

Of course, there were many - in all religions - who believed they should "close their eyes and think of England."   It might surprise you to know that many, many women of my generation considered the physical aspect to be a foundation of all others and the marriage bed a place of joy.  

Here is a thought for you - what about people who believe that there is not any sex in heaven?  That stumps me.   
Some of the same friends who feel superior to people in other religions for battening onto the teaching that people are neither married nor given in marriage in heaven can also turn around and talk about sex being of this earth only.  

Fie and shame!  Sex is about conjunction and the delights of conjunction.  No ultimate conjunction in the other world?  This Grammie begs to differ, which is the reason my family has instructions that when I am reunited with Pete, the female spouses are to go out and buy black negligees and "think of Mom and Dad together again."

I, too, would love to have the truth declared - through words and adult actions - that "one reason to reserve sex for righteous marriage is that with a partner you love and trust, sex is spectacular."  

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On a deeper, infinitely more important level, by not doing what they both want (if they do not, then I would be worried), a couple puts something outside of both of themselves above what they want, for the sake of the relationship.  That mutual sacrifice (and both Pete and I had a tough go of not forging ahead full steam before our wedding night) can make for a strong, sure foundation. We both acknowledged wanting to pass "Go" and do the deed, yet did not.  

Yes, sex is a rousing experience, pleasurable beyond words.  And, yes, it should be protected because that is what the Writings advocates and because, by waiting - with a wholesome mindset - it can become the “good” cement of a strong foundation for marriage.   


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