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Friday, April 3, 2015

Internet wizardry 04/03/01

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Late this afternoon, Elsa started reading the first Harry Potter book - Gail lent her the first three, reasoning that we really should read them, what with John illustrating Platform 9 3/4 - and she is already completely captivated.  The book is about wizards and magic.   

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We had our own little bit of magic today here at Squirrel Haven, thanks to the Internet. 

Carolyn Heldon sent John a feel better card and he received it hours before the time she sent it.  Talk about wizardry.  It is, to me, awesome that someone in Australia can send a feel better card and it is received not only immediately, but hours and hours "before" she sent it. 

All the communication flying to and fro over the past three days - activity I have never experienced before first hand in the same ways - has me thinking that the Internet is nothing short of magic, at least to me.  Remember, I am so old that I recall life before  "talkies" and radios. 

Another bit of magic arrived today via a get better card from Leslie Adams.  Leslie's was based on the Harry Potter books and it features a magical train that passes through the Platform 9 3/4 gate and comes straight at you - if felt like it went right through you.  John turned around and sent one right back to her that did the same thing, but that included a personal note from him.

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Here is a bit more Internet wizardy for you - the three of us had a high old time checking out florists in Sydney via the Internet.  We wanted to send Mike flowers in celebration of becoming owner of the hardware shop he managed for many years.  We could look at pictures of available arrangements, get a feeling for the various florists, browse through the "best of" from flower shops on the other side of the world.  

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Even more magical was the arrangement we finally sent off last Tuesday - an arrangement of flowers in a utility pail, "just right" for an upscale hardware shop.  

Wayne was the epitome of service (we thought the shop did not accept Elsa's credit card and we were happy when he assured us they did) and confirmed on Thursday that "Mr. Lockhart received the delivery at 4:30 Tuesday afternoon.”

Here is a bit of our own Internet magic  - Elsa "pasted" the Internet address of A Lazy Daisy in case any of you need to send flowers to friends in the Sydney area.  So, we can work our own bit of Internet wizardy - and we did not even have to attend Hogwart's to learn how. 

Good night and God bless to all of my dear circle - Mum/Nan Lockhart

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