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Friday, September 12, 2014

I feel like a character from HMS Pinafore 09/12/00

Dead-eye Dick.

There's a protective bandage over my left eye and I feel weak as a kitten. 

The surgery went well.  That's one down, one to go. 

It was not what I was expecting.  I told the nurses that they were fussing over me as if I was about to have major surgery and they told me, "It is!" 

I had a wonderful nurse named Priscilla who did the electrocardiogram.  The nurses left two of those little sticky circles on, then they realized their goof.   

Somehow, I expected that I would sit in a chair and the doctor would just do the procedure, sort of like a dental appointment.  Instead, I was out like a light under a general anesthesia.  I woke up, thinking I had dozed off, and was horn-swoggled when the nurse smiled at me and said, "All done."

It does hurt and I know that it will take several days to get the anesthesia out of my system.  I hate the after effects of anesthesia.  It will be nice to just let John and Elsa fuss over me. 

There must have been something in the air about the surgery, because both Mim and Mike - who have been silent as clams for the past yea many months - called today.  Mike sounded so excited about the Olympics.  Just hearing his dear voice, so elated, did me a world of good.  

It is always ticklish knowing what to do with kids who need more "space" and privacy in their lives and less Mom.  The parent's dilemma.  Do I tell them about a surgery or keep mum?  Seems the good Lord has ways of putting them in the picture.  Well played, as they say in cricket.

It is 5:00 p.m. EST and I am a happy, apparently remarkably healthy, woman. 

Imagine having cataract surgery at 90 years.  When I was a young
whippersnapper, old people with failing sight just had to adjust.  Now, look at what they can do. 

I am very grateful to Dr. Miller and his wonderful nurses, to John for being chauffeur and temporary head nurse, to Elsa for taking a half day), to Mike and to Mim for checking in on a just right day and time.  Mike called just as I got up from my nap, incredible timing. 

John and I head over to see my family doctor tomorrow to check the old girl out.  What a lucky gal I am to live in this miraculous age and have so many  loved ones - near and far - tucking me under their wings.

Here's looking at you, kids - Grammie "Dead-eye" Kay

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