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Sunday, September 7, 2014

I stand (run?) corrected 09/06/00

I jumped the gun.  The torch will be in Hurstville - home of the Clanlocks and sometimes Kay Lockhart - NEXT Tuesday.  See following:
Tuesday, SEPTEMBER 12 (not the 5th):   Kurnell to Parramatta 4.35am Kurnell; 5.05 Cronulla; 6.53 Hurstville; 9.01 Lakemba; 9.59 Condell Park; 10.50 Milperra; 13.26 Liverpool lunch celebration; 15.01 Bonnyrigg; 16.09 Fairfield; 17.56 Merrylands; 18.57 Parramatta.

The lunch and evening celebrations remain the same.  How i would love to hear the 1,000 voice choir singing in 20 languages to celebrate the regions cultural diversity.

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