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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Putting my foot in it 09/13/00

My goodness, I did not intend to cast any of my children in a poor light,
which is what some people sensed I did in a recent posting. 

It is important to me, as a person and a Mom, to recognize my children as the individuals they are, each with the different communication style.  With the exception of Elsa and possibly Mike, Reynolds-Lockharts tend to be what is called non-verbal.  We get and send our most important messages without words, a concept that still confuses the daylights out of me even though I do it just as much as anyone.  Am also trying to figure out why I "triangulate" messges from and to my children.  It can be challenging, being me.

I've learned over the years with certain kids that less is more and that a message received sideways, as one young friend described it, can be received more easily than one addressed head on.   

Does this sound as confusing to you as it does to me?  You should be inside my head, a cobwebby place at the moment. 

My kids love me.  They know I know, which is what counts.  Love to
all,  a poorly worded but very loving MUM

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