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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A lovely description of Pete and Lockhart Lumber 03/26/01

Dear "granddaughter of the heart" Jessie Pendleton Rose sent me the following memory of visits to Lockhart Lumber...

I was just remembering when my dad used to take us on errands.  One of the stops was sometimes Lockhart Lumber.  I was so small I hardly remember it, but I do recall walking into a dusty adventurous collection of wood and shapes and towering masculinity, all coated with that dusty warm piney smell of cut board.  I don't even remember what your husband looked like, but I do remember jokes and friendliness, as though the shop was open to kids, not closed off to us like bulls tied up outside the china shops.  As usual, my dad would get caught up in talking with Mr. Lockhart and the visit would stretch until we tugged hard enough on his trouser leg.  It's wonderful in a small but important way for kids to go where they feel wanted!

Love to you today,   Jess

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