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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

some simple things 03/27/01

I have been thinking about simple things throughout today - simple things said, simple pleasures.

Elsa's work situation reminded me of a time when I was down in Australia.   I was talking to a young woman who was a friend and happened to mention a quote - "First make your commitment, then make your plans." **   

Well, the young woman looked me straight in the eyes and said, "You've changed my life."

I went into my usual bluster about surely not and so on.  She did not budge. "You changed my life."  

I never found out how I had changed it, but she certainly believed it.  It amazes me, the power our words have and how one simple sentence - for good or ill - can change lives.

I have been indulging in simple things over the past few days.  A beautiful bouquet of pink tulips on the coffee table, the yum of shortbread cookies, a smear of blueberry jam on whole wheat bread in the late afternoon, gifts from a dear young friend recently tucked into my circle.   

They brought to mind the almond cookies that Nora and Richard brought as part of a feast of Chinese take out food a couple weeks back - the cookies were simple and complex at the same time.  I remember their fragrant delicacy. 

Two other simple pleasures worth mentioning - chilled grapes and peeled grapefruit.  Eating either one is like experiencing a fresh summer day, a real joy this cold, grey March.

Well, it is time for this simple Mum to head to bed.  Nite nite and God bless   >KRL< 

** I believe it was Napolean who said it

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