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Monday, March 2, 2015

A personal thank you 02/27/01

My goodness, it was just over a year ago - around the middle of February 2000, as I recall - that I got my very own e-mail address and started sending out Mindwalkers postings.

Little did I know when we began our collaboration - myself as the fount and Elsa as my Faithful Scribe - what a difference it would make in my life.   

It's much more than simply a way for this Gramster to get up and out, at least mentally and psychically (is that a word?).  By writing the bits and piffles that I do, long forgotten memories have come alive, people I have not seen for scores and scores of years join us in the computer studio as we work on the postings, a lot of my own feelings and opinions become clearer. 

Peter once again drops by and has taken me to two or three doctor appointments.  Kerry and Mike are a presence in my life.  Scott, after a year's newly-wed sabbatical, touches base, as do Whitney, Reynolds and Karen. My lines have fallen into pleasant places.

Having all of you out there and yet tucked away in my heart, gives me strength. Having a way to reach out in spite of being more or less housebound is a terrific lift.  I still feel a sense of awe knowing that with the push of a button, my words go around the world in seconds.  I am sure that it will always be a wonder to me (sort of like when I flew from Australia to the USA and arrived in the USA "before" I left Australia).

Thank you all for being a vital part of my life over this past year.  Thank you to Elsa, my faithful scribe - we have fun doing this and have gotten to know each other on a whole new level.  Thank you to our computer, which is pretty bare bones - it does not do a lot of razzle dazzle things - but which serves our needs quite nicely.  My thanks to Michael David, for developing and maintaining the Caritas and NC Women on the Internet lists, which mean so much to me. 

A closing word - someone pointed out last year that there are probably people who do not want to continue being part of my "dist" list.  Lives get busy and e-mail boxes can clog with non-essential mail.  This is my annual reminder that if you would like to have your name removed from the Mindwalkers "dist" list - without prejudice, as they say - just drop me a note and we will make it so. 

My thanks to you all for being out there.  Your presence strengthens my heart.

Love to all - Mindwalker1910 (Katharine Reynolds Lockhart, aka Grammie, Grammie Kay, the Gramster, Mom, Mum, Grandma L', Mom L', Gocky, Nan, Aunt Kay, TechnoGram, CyberGram, Gammie, Ganga, Kay, Pete's Wife, Mim's Mom..........)

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