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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Dizzy Dame, Dashing Dude, Drenching Downpour 03/21/01

Well, it's been one heck of a day.  In spite of the wet, raw weather, I did  not cancel my appointment this afternoon with my GP.  Perhaps it was yesterday's dizzy spell that made me sit up and take notice and not consider rescheduling. 

Yes, I had a dizzy spell yesterday.  Everything went around and around and around.  Luckily, I was near a chair and could anchor myself without taking a tumble.  That night, I mentioned to the "kids" that it was the first time I was dizzy.  They exchanged dubious glances, then reminded me that it was the first time I was dizzy and did not black out.  That made me feel better.

Still, I was not taking any chances. 

Dr. Litt had me take several tests, including one of my abdomin (pardon the language and immodesty, but it is a bit bloated these days) and chest, and took blood.  I feel fine - no vertigo.

My driver today was the dashing and always fun to be with Kent Hyatt.  He is a treasure.  What a bore it must have been to wait for me to have that testing, but Kent made me feel as if hanging around Holy Redeemer Hospital waiting for some old bat to be done testing was just what he wanted to do with his day.  What a lad.

It was a wretched day to have to go outside.  Flash flood warnings have been posted and John has the dehumidifier and the big industrial fan and a couple little fans whirling away in the basement (it tends to get wet in the corners).  It was one of those mean, raw and miserable days, the type of day best spent snuggled up cozy warm.  I was glad to see Elsa walk through the  door.

Well, it has been a long, wearisome day.  Am up the wooden hill and making a beeline for my comfy bed with its warm, cozy pile of cotton sheet blanket, my beloved North Star blanket, topped off with a beautiful peach coverlette.

Sweet dreams - Nan

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