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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Eye tests 10/13/00

Because this is such a busy time at her work, Elsa could only take a half
day on the day of my second cataract surgery.  John took me and was his usual, caring and thoughtful self.  All went without a hitch, although this time my eye was ickier and there is a little discomfort.  It looks and feels a lot better this morning, three days after surgery.

As I said, Elsa took Wednesday off to be with her Mom.  We went to
Daddypop's  (a favorite diner) in Hatboro for a late breakfast.  There was a table filled with two Moms and four or five children.  One of the little girls just stared and stared at this old lady who looked like she was dressed up for early Halloween, what with my bandaged right eye.  So I waved and smiled and she smiled back. 

After lunch, we went to the doctor's office to have the bandage removed.  He put me through my paces reading eye charts.  I go back in three weeks, then after that I get new glasses.  Yippee!

On the drive home, Elsa drove around the cathedral and gave me her own eye exam. 

"What color is that flower?" 

"What color is that bush?" 

"What color is the sky?" 

I saw pinks and all shades of purples and blues and deep yellow and rust and a bright blue October sky.

Love to all - a practically 20/20 (I wish) Gocky

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