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Monday, October 6, 2014

John will be roughing it 09/05/00

Three years ago next month, John had to rough it for almost three weeks when Elsa and I went to DisneyWorld.  He is back to “batch’ing” it this weekend when his two womenfolk head up to the Women’s Retreat at Tonche.

Checking the pantry and fridge, it is clear that his wife has made sure he will at least have a few of his favorite things.  She whipped up a double batch of spaghetti for suppers, got him a bag of Tom Sturgis pretzels and a 12-pack of Coke.  I expect that the last thing she will do tomorrow morning  is make him a double batch of Paul Newman popcorn.

That last is a tradition that stretches back to their pre-wedding days.  Elsa would be overnight for several days, at a conference at Prudential’s headquarters in northern New Jersey.  The last thing she did before heading northward was to swing past 450 Pheasant Run to drop off something at his front door.

A couple hours later (I wanted to give the dear lad time to wake up), I rang him up and asked him to check out the front door.  A moment later, he was back on the phone, very puzzled (perhaps wondering if his future m-i-l had gone around the bend), saying no one was there.

“Did you open the door?” I asked. He hadn’t.  Back he went.

Another moment later and he was back on the line.  I could hear the big cheeky grin.  He had a HUGE covered bowl of his beloved pop corn, but best of all he knew he was his Oh Best Beloved’s last thought as she left.

My goodness!  I almost forgot the bag of fun-sized Milky Ways that are tucked away in the microwave as a surprise.  They should help him bear up until we head home.

Love to you all - Gocky

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