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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

78F one day, snow the next 04/09/00

My world went from technicolor to grey & white overnight.  The temperature today is supposed to hit 51F, but at the moment it is snowing a beautiful wet, clinging snow.

Looking out my bedroom window, all I can see are pearl grey skies, different shades of grey where the trees and phone lines and houses are, and lots and lots of snow.  Looking down on the lawn, I can see that the weeping cherry blossoms have turned white overnight.  Elsa reports that the magenta azalea blossoms have also turned white and that the red bud tree out front looks like the flowering pear out back.

Out my bathroom window, I watched two squirrels tearing around the backyard -from here to there and back again.  Up the tree, down the tree.  It looks like they are trying to make heads or tails of this new situation.  I can barely make out the towering tulip magnolia in the Gallaghers' back yard.   Bits of yellow on our forscythia still show here and there  - the one bit of color - but it is mostly flocked in white.

No sense to fret.  The blossoms might make it through this snowfall.  Ice is the greatest foe to flowering plants.  In the meantime, I am going to go downstairs, have a cup of hot coffee and a couple of Sunday morning fresh from the oven and slathered with the last bit of the jam Ellen Lear sent for Christmas, watch the still falling snow and enjoy the unexpected beauty of the day.

Lots of warm wishes for a wonderful day - Grammie Kay

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