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Friday, April 25, 2014

ritual washing 04/03/00 (out of sequence)

 Elsa just washed my face.  You might be surprised as what a lovely ritual face washing can be.  

Every moment of it makes me feel like being at a super posh spa.   (Oh, the horns just played the crescendo from "Calm On the List'ning Ear of Night" and I am all goose bumps.)  First, the warm, soapy lathering up.  It makes my face feel quite pampered and fussed over.  Next comes the first warm rinse.  Then my favorite, a hot cloth draped from forehead to chin.  

Ahhhh, that feels so good.  

Then the second hot application, this time focusing on my forehead.  I do not know why my forehead likes so much attention, but there it is.   

Finally, the cold application, which makes my face sit up and take notice.
The very last step is having Oil of Olay applied to my face.  Connie Rosenquist introduced me to Oil of Olay - not much hope of it doing a lot of good for this ancient face, but it feels so wonderful as it is soothed onto my face. 
I never paid much attention to the sensual aspects (and I do not mean that in a sexy way) of washing my face when I did it myself.  It was just one more thing to check off on my nightly routine.  But now - ah, now it is a moment of luxury. 

Blissfully yours - Ma Lockhart

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