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Sunday, April 13, 2014

"Closed for Happiness"

(This is one of the most tender of all Mom's Mindwalker1910 e-mails.  Between feeling super connected to my brother, Ian, as I am every Easter Week, and the birth of Riley Katherine Forbes Evans far too far away, it especially moves me in this here & now moment. - elm)

For many, many years, a favorite place to go for a restorative evening or special occasion was Bruegger's Pipersville Inn.  Peter introduced us to it, as it was a favorite haunt of his good friend Ned Pitcairn, who lived not far from it in Carversville. 

Pete and I - with possibly some family or a few friends - always started out in the cozy bar, which looked like something out of a book on the Cotswolds or some wonderful back country spot.  The bartender was as a real character and made great Old Fashions.  Then we would move onto one of the equally cozy dining rooms for an always superb dinner.

One Sunday, we were happily rambling, just the two of us, along some Bucks County back roads.  As planned, we pulled up to the Pipersville Inn for a drink.  We were surprised to find an empty parking lot - not a car in sight, not even where the staff usually parked.  

As we pulled in, Pete (who had incredible peripheral vision) had noticed a sign on the door, but it hadn't registered.  Curious, we walked up to see what was happening.  There, on the front door, was a large sign - 
"Closed for Happiness." 

What a wonderful thing to read, even if we were hadn't the vaguest idea what it meant. Pete being Pete called up the inn on Tuesday (it was closed on Mondays) to find out more.  It turns out that one of the Bruegger's children was getting married.   

The memory of that wonderful sign stayed with us.  When Pete closed down Lockhart Lumber for Peter and then for Michael's weddings, up went our own sign, "Closed for Happiness."  Today, Elsa continued the tradition, posting "This work station is closed for happiness!"  before she left Prudential.

To all my dear circle of friends, have a wonderful weekend.  I will be back on Monday.  Until then, my e-mail endeavors are very much...  
"Closed for Happiness."

And now, to bed!  Love - the Grandmother of the Bride

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