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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Bounty 04/08/00

My life bursts with bounty.  The azalea, weeping cherry, red bud, pear tree, forsythia and Gerry & Linda's tulip magnolia are all blooming like mad.  Look out the front or look out the back and all you will see is beauty.

As you know, bounty arrived on our doorstep on Thursday in the form of the bunnies Brenda brought to grace the tree.   Another wondrous surprise arrived on Friday - Elsa Asplundh Acton made me an exquisite bee's wax angel.  Oh, she is so beautiful.  I am honored to have a figurine by Gareth's Schatzi, a gifted sculptor.

I just cannot get over all the beauty - inside and out - that surrounds me.  I bless the Lord for all the bounty He has given and for the eyes to see and for the heart to love.

Blessings on you all - Mum

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