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Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Mother's Bill of Rights 06/10/00

I have read my fair share of books and articles about relationships, personal responsibility and parenting.  What with Mother's Day and all, now's a good time to share something from a book by Dr. Charney Herst about enriching & repairing the bond between parents & adult children.  Here is Dr. Herst's "Mother's* Bill of Rights"

 "I have the right...

  • to be treated with respect
  • to control my own life as long as I can
  • to an explanation of my children's feelings ~ I cannot intuit them
  • to my own thoughts
  • to be sad or angry without hiding my feelings to protect my children
  • to say no
  • to reminisce and be sentimental
  • to talk to my children about my problems.  I do not expect them to provide solutions, just listen
  • to buy nice things and go places
  • to my own opinions.  I do not expect my children to agree with all of them
  • to miss my children.  It does not mean I want to control them

I have the responsibility to respect each of my children and to grant them the same rights I expect for myself."

 My thank to Dr. Herst.  Blessings on you all - Ma Lockhart

  *  I think it applies to Dads, too

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