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Saturday, June 7, 2014

"Proud lady, have your way!" 06/07/00

I count myself as lucky to live with a daughter who shares so many of my tastes in music.  Our family collection of CDs includes D'Oyle Carte's HMS Pinafore,  which we played as a suppertime concert.

We talked last night about Marcia Synnestvedt (now Boyeson) performance as  Josephine, but my favorite Josephine in the whole world will always be Elsa Asplundh (now Mrs. Gareth Acton).  I can see her making her entrance through the captain's cabin door, radiant and carrying flowers in her arms. Berith Acton was a perfect Buttercup, a wonderful counterpoint.  Marlin Smith was the captain - and, once again, I cannot for the life of me remember Rafe Rackstraw!

Elsa's voice - what a pleasure to hear.  I remember going to Pittsburgh with Pete for an opera weekend.  Our first trip on a plane!  After the opera on Saturday night, we got together with friends and fellow opera lovers at Elsa & Gareth's for a post-opera party.   

Joe Thomas, a beloved neighbor of the Actons' and a magnificent singer (I believe he sang baritone with the Pittsburgh opera company), was in an unhappy mood about something or other, perhaps how one of the singers performed or mangled the Italian lyrics.  Elsa went over to him and gently started singing, drawing him in to join her in song.  Joe was lured out of his bad humor and the guests were delighted. Hearing the two of them together was even better than the opera.   

Joe is long gone to sing in more heavenly choirs, but in my heart I will always see and hear the two of them in song.  It was like they were the only two people in the world, singing for each other alone.  What an exquisite moment in time.

With love and song in my heart - TechnoGram
 ps - an update on "HMS Pinafore" with Marcia and Pete Boericke!  Thanks to Terry Odhner, we have more of the cast:  Rafe Rackstraw was played by Jim Doering, and Victor Odhner played Dick Dead eye.    Susie Gyllenhaal now Susie Farmer played Hebe. Chip Rose was the bosun's  mate. Pete Boericke has replayed his role three times since then.  Ginny Knapp was Buttercup and Mike Lockhart was in the chorus!!.  

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