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Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2000 20:36:36 -0400
From: Esther

My dear Kay,
I have been going over all of the nightly journal writings that you have sent under your sobriquet "Mindwalker" and have been able to enjoy them all the more for having saved  them for a time when I actually HAD TIME to enjoy them.  Thank you for the delightful and edifying treats. I think you should compile them into a book !!! Everyone in Bryn Athyn (at least) would be interested in these historical recollections. They are so poignant and well-written. I'm so impressed and happily on the receiving end of such musings.

Now, school is over and it is time for US to get together. I can come to visit you (and bring some of your favorite fare) OR I can come pick you up and we can go OUT for same.

It will be entirely your decision AFTER I say that one common theme in your writing is your hesitation to go out and your happiness when you actually do. So I encourage you to get out and assure you that you will be safe with me ! PLEASE let me know when we can. I am available any day next week or the week after. But then I will be readying for my month long sojourn to Florence, Italy. So don't hesitate to write your request NOW !!!

 Looking forward to hearing from you both as "Mindwalker" and in response to this.

With much love, Esther

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