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Sunday, May 25, 2014

All God's Children 05/24/00

How surprised I was to hear one of my favorite tunes by The Corrib Folk included on this week’s Contemporary Service tape.  The very first song on this week's Contemporary Service tape was "All God's Children Got a Place In the Choir" which I first heard Tony Kellegher sing, backed up by the rest of The Corrib Folk, Barry and Jimmy, over 15 years ago.

We were introduced to Brittingham's Irish Pub in Lafayette Hill by pure serendipity.  Friends of Mim's gave her money for a trip to Hawaii, where she had gone with Wynne Pitcairn right before Wynne married Rick Hill.   Mim fell in love with the islands.  She decided because she had already done that, she'd check out another island.  Ireland. 

She went for a full month and loved it, even when her train pulled into Belfast from the south and a brick heaved through the window, smashing it.  Mim always regretted not keeping that brick. 

Anyway, since she had been treated to such a lovely time, Mim turned around and treated Elsa and myself to a weekend at the Queen Victoria b&b in Cape May.  With Mim and Barb Walker, a house case, would have the place to themselves, Elsa gave Mim a clipping for an Irish pub she kept seeing ads for in Philadelphia magazine - Brittingham's.

To make a long story short, Mim and Barb went and had a wonderful time and took us later that week and we loved it too.  Elsa and even I became regulars,  especially if The Corrib Folk, a trio headquartered in Chicago who played here at least once every 6 weeks, were playing.

In addition to a guest band or singer, the house twosome - Gerry Timlin and Tom Kane - played every other set on Fridays and Saturdays.  At the end of an evening - usually around midnight - the guest group and Gerry & Tom wouldhave a jam session.  I always felt like I''d died and went to heaven.  It was worth the late night (early morning).  And it always seem to tickle them that an old lady with nary a drop of Irish blood would shut down the place. 

So many wonderful memories of lads who will always be dear to my heart. 

To bring things full circle, Elsa had the unexpected pleasure several years ago of introducing Gerry Timlin when he played at Common Ground (Nina was on holiday out west).

Oh, and the young people's choir who sang "All God's Children..." on Sunday did the song proud!  Bravos to them and their director, Chris Simons.

My dear ones, may flights of angels sing you to your sleep.  (and a grateful farewell and "good night, sweet prince" to Sir John)  

Love -   Grammie K

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