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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

In Praise of Paddington 05/07/00

Many, many years ago, Margaret York (now Gladish) - knowing my special fondness for Paddington Bear -, gave me a Paddington bank to save money toward a trip to London with Elsa.  We never got to the UK, but we have used Paddington ever since for spare silver, toting it up for use on special occasions.  Within the past year, Paddington proved to be a real life saver.

When I took my tumble in late September, it had been many moons since we had last taken the loot from Paddington (collected in Gevalia coffee cannisters).  That extra money saw us through some lean weeks, when Elsa was able to delay starting her new job and John had just started work on an assignment that would not pay out until completed in early December.  Our household finances would have run dry were it not for that generous bear.

Paddington came through again this weekend.  Elsa gathered up what hoarded silver there was and went to one of those automatic coin sorters and walked away with $86.46 for plants to landscape our front lawn.  She had hoped that Peter - a gardener supreme - would be able to take an interest, but he is unavailable. 

As it turns out, she was grateful for the opportunity, even if it was a hot & sticky one (the temps being in the low 90s today).  The front of the house looks better than it has in over 20 or more years. 

In the top wall planter, Elsa transplanted the potted pink geraniums from Whitney's wedding reception (many thanks to Pam for thinking of me) and mixed in coral impatients.  

I was impressed - she mixed in soil supplement (I did not even know she knew what soil supplement was), used potting soil and Miracle-Gro with each transplant, making sure they were well watered.   

On the lower level, she has beautiful deep blue-purple salvia, a favorite of hers.   

Next to the steps leading up to the door, she has a double-hooked shepard's hook with a basket of pink and one of reddish impatients.  A hummingbird (well, a hummingbird banner) seems to be inspecting the salvia.

I found myself thinking how different things would have been if Peter HAD been available.  Elsa would not have the deep sense of satisfaction found in a job well done.  I think he would be proud of the beauty of it all and that we worked in the flowers from Whitney & Chad's wedding.  If I look to the left,  I can see the flowers she planted and if I look to the right I am almost on top of the rhodedendron, which is just coming into bloom.

I am one happy lady.  Love to you all - Auntie Kay

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