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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Peace be to this congregation

Tomorrow is my 90th birthday and we are having an  open house at Squirrel Haven to celebrate.  You know that already.  Here is the interesting part – I am not excited or nervous about the house being spic & span or edgy about having enough food or things for people to drink.  All I feel is a deep sense of peace and deep happiness.

The past two days have been treasures.  Yesterday, a card arrived from GramDaughter Jessie Pendleton Rose with a poem tying the different names I go by in her life to different aspects of our relationship.  I have asked Elsa to get it framed so I can see it every day.  Diana Glenn Peterson, who was in Ian's class and has become a close personal friend, sent some quotes including (pardon my condensation) "They drew a circle and shut me out . . . I drew a circle and took them in," which speaks to my heart.

Elsa took yesterday off to get ready in a leisurely way; it was special having her around on a weekday.

Tomorrow might be as good as today, but it will have to go some to be better. 

So many flowers!  Graziano's, Cherry Lane, Feasterville Florists - the floral delivery trucks were almost backed up outside our doorway.

What was called at one time a floral tribute arrived from "the Newcastle Crowd" to celebrate Mother's Day.  Oh my goodness, I haven't seen something that stunning in a long, long time. The same "Newcastle Crowd"  sent a delightful birthday arrangement, complete with noise makers!  Dear Ripleys & Murrays et al - thank you from a delighted and deeply touched Aunt Kay.

Oh - we welcomed a new member of the family this afternoon.  A dashing looking bear quickly dubbed Chevy.  Judy & Paul, you know me well!

Before I toddle off to bed, a short nip back in time.  As many on this list know, when I was in my early twenties, I had the great fun of taking care of the Edwin Asplundh children. 

One day, a friend of Lynne and Edwin's took the family and myself on a boat ride.  Elsa (the original Elsa, also the youngest of the brood), who was five years old, especially had a wonderful time.  No one ever could top how she thanked the friend for a special time.  Getting off the boat, she looked back at him from the deck and sang, "All I do the whole day through is dream of you." 

All of the adults were completely undone by the moment, which I can never forget.  Today, Elsa's present arrived from where she and Gareth live in Florida.  She wrote special words to that same song just for me and even sent a tape of herself singing it to me.

With love like that wrapped around me, a deep sense of peace is the most wonderful present of all.       

Peace to you all.  Love,  Kay

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