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Sunday, May 18, 2014

poo-pooing posterity

(My brother's birthday greeting to Mom included his concern, "You seem to be sending a lot of information about the family to many people who really don't need to about the things that have happened to our family over the years.  Some might, but I would guess that many good friends have their own lives to think about.  I can imagine that as you turn in to your 90th year, you want to think about the past and what it has meant to you but please let's keep it in the family."  Am as proud today as I was 14 years ago that her response wasn't to automatically shut down or limit, but to reach out & ASK.)

I heard someone at the party refer to my nocturnal postings as "for posterity."  I doubt it - people will little note nor long remember what I have written on these electronic pages.

Why do I write?  Because I miss the sense of connection that was as natural as breathing back in my younger days, when all of my neighbors were people I knew going back generations and when I hoofed it to the grocery store (at Heath's, then Soneson's Store), to BA post office, my children's schools, and even two (2) train stations.

It was recently brought to my attention that most people would not be interested in my ramblings.  I know that you may have more e-mail than you know what to do with.  Please do not hesitate asking me to take you off the list - without prejudice, as they say in the courts.  You will always be in my heart and that is what matters.

So much for this posterity nonsense.  I am enjoying the here & now far too much.   

Nite-nite and God bless -  CyberGram (as JPR says) 

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