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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Grammie's Day

Lots of ladies get Mother's Day cards from their grandchildren.  Hit the jackpot with my GRAMchildren - the dolls & stuffies inside Squirrel Haven and the birds & rabbits & especially squirrels outside.
A small pile of cards from them and J & E awaited me at dinnertime tonight (a delayed celebration to give it full due), along with beautifully wrapped presents ~ a lovely book from the "kids" about grandmothers compiled and printed by the Victoria magazine publishers, from John & Elsa a cd by Phil Coulter - my favorite pianist (his title rendition of Whitney's processional, Highland Cathedral, gave me chills), and a book called Small Miracles which came with a promise from Elsa to read it to me until I have my cataract surgery. 

Before dinner, it was great fun to hear Elsa's reactions as she came upon cards that John had tucked here & there for "Mama" Budgette – in the den (from those darn mice we can't seem to get to vacate the premises), on  the screen door leading out to the porch (from the "Backyard Kids"), perched against the screen in the kitchen (from her Own True Budgie), waiting for her at her computer (from the dolls & stuffies).

The love represented by the stuffies that seem to rule the roost keeps our home full up with smiles and happiness and snuggles waiting to happen.

 Bed  awaits!  Love to all - Sissy et al's GRAMMIE

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