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Friday, May 2, 2014

The Bride Wall 05/02/00

It was always a special treat to go up to Gay and Willard's bedroom and pass the bride wall outside their master suite.  All the Pendleton brides, proudly displayed on the walls, looking so beautiful.  It always created for me an especially lovely sphere.

Our own first Lockhart bride wall was at Cherry Lane, with Pam and then Kerry's portraits.  They set up residence at 2501 Woodland Road outside our own master suite.  They were joined by a beloved wedding portrait of Elsa Asplundh Acton and then by Brenda’s.  Here at Squirrel Haven, those four were joined by wedding portraits of Sarah Acton Shere, Elsa, Shannon Stevens King, Erin Stevens Connors.  

One day I came down to find that Elsa added two of my own wedding photos to the grouping, as well as two of Betty's, including one of Betty and Paul that I consider the best picture ever taken of both of them.  And - wonder of wonders - I took it!!

Of course, recently we've had two additions.  Whitney & Chad gave me a wonderful black & white photo of the two of them taken by at the time of their engagement by a good friend (and excellent photographer), with Whitney leaning against a tree and Chad right next to her.  They both look so very, very happy.  Until we get a wedding photo, that beautiful picture is just right.

I love the photo of Scott & Kimberly taken at their reception by one of the Heldons.  It is the same photo that was in the Hurstville Society online newsletter, so some of my New Church listers might have seen it.  They look relaxed and happy.  I know that I will love whatever photo Kimberly chooses for us to include on "the wall," but until then, I just smile and smile and smile whenever I look at the two of them smiling at me.

The pictures on the bride wall/china cabinet cannot be changed, but Elsa has changed almost all of the other photos in the living room over the past few days.   

As you walk in and see the book case, she has spotlighted grandchildren - by blood and through heart strings. There is another photo snapped by the Heldons, a beautiful picture of Mike & Kerry and Karen, and the favorite that I already mentioned, a group shot of the wedding party (Mike was Scott's best man!) with the Australian flag unfurled behind them.  It has a lot of happy energy, which I especially like.  There is the official studio portrait of Whitney that she used for her engagement announcements, a picture of Reynolds and his Gocky, and "snaps" of various Zeiglers and Lindrooths.

I am a little sheepish when it comes to telling you what that daughter of mine did with the rest of the photos (and anyone who has been to Squirrel Haven can tell you the living room is awash with family & friends' photos).  She replaced them all with pictures of me. Most of them were taken over the past 15 years, with the overwhelming majority taken over the past 10 years. 

At first it felt disconcerting to have all the pictures be of me, but I am actually enjoying it, since each one brings back such happy memories.   But my eyes always linger the longest at the bride wall.  We await Whitney's and Kimberly's "official" portraits and I know that both Elsa & I wonder - who will be next?

Must get my face scrubbed, teeth washed and so to bed.  Love - Grammie K.

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