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Friday, May 16, 2014

Happy & Glorious 05/15/00

Happy & Glorious ~ That was the inscription on one of the 6 cakes at the Open House celebrating my advanced years.  It also describes every aspect of the day, which is still too fresh and alive in my mind to set it down.

I'll tell you about a card that arrived today from my niece, Peggy, in Odessa, MO.  Peggy is my brother Alpha's (or "Al" as everyone called him) one & only chick and very dear to my heart.  She referred to me in the card as "Oh, Best Beloved" and went on to explain that it came from Kipling's Just So Stories which is a favorite read of her family's.   

Of ours, too!  Her mention of it set me off on a tear of memories.  Over dinner, Elsa & I had a lot of fun recalling favorites - How the Elephant Got Its Trunk, How the Camel Got Its Hump, How the Leopard Got Its Spots, The Cat That Walked Alone, Riki Tiki Tavi.  Oh, it was a fine time!

Once again, I told Elsa & John (for the ump-teenth time) a story I'll never tire of,  when Ian was around 8 and clued to the television set.

"How about if we turn off the tv and I will read to you a story."

You can imagine the response that got - "Ah, Mom - a story?  I don't want to hear any story."

Well, somehow I managed to get the tv turned off and settled down on the couch with Ian - a very begrudging Ian - to read from "Just So Stories."  As I recall, I read How the Elephant Got Its Trunk.  Yes, I am sure that was what it was.  I read about the baby Elephant going to the great grey green greasy Limpopo River and what transpires on its banks.  

As I got to the end and put the final period to the final sentence, I looked down at my son, who looked up at me with great shining eyes and said, "Read it again!"

Oh, Best Beloveds, may you be blessed with sweet slumbers and the very best of dreams ~ GK 

and Mom rec'd a dear-to-her-heart response from a granddaughter of the heart - - 

From: Jessie
Subject: Re: Happy & Glorious
Happy Birthday to Our Best Beloved on Her 21st (again) Birthday!!
Love You,      One Baby Elephant on the Limpopo Banks

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