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Thursday, May 1, 2014

"My husband" 05/01/00

It might seem strange that I have not written about Whitney & Chad's wedding, but if you have ever experienced something indescribably moving, to the point where it is literally impossible to describe what was experienced, then you understand.  All I can say is that it was beyond words.

I guess it was last Thursday in the late afternoon, when I am often feeling a bit low, that the phone rang.  It was Whitney!  I was so happy to hear her voice and her voice sounded so different from what I easily recognize.  It was completely happy. 

She told me bits and pieces about her Caribbean cruise honeymoon, coming partially back down to earth and back to work (she is part of an interior design team in the historic part of Alexandria, VA). 

There was what sounded like a rustle in the background and Whitney said, "My husband just got home." 

I wish I could describe how she sounded when she said "my husband."  The best I can do is say that she filled those two simple words with complete love, pride and trust.  It sounded so much like John, who after over 10 years still sounds that way when he says, "my wife."

I am a lucky lady to have so much love in my life.

Not sure why, but it reminded me of when I was pregnant with Peter and was facing a possible miscarriage.  Mike Bennett ORDERED me to stay in bed for days and "not even lift a tea cup."  Pete worked down at a lumberyard in Philadelphia, but he somehow managed to wangle deliveries close enough to our home so that he could pop in, always unannounced.  Talk about "Oh, Be Joyful!"    I remember how I felt when his smiling head would pop around the doorway and how he'd set on my bed for a supportive snuggle and kisses.

What lovely thoughts to head off to bed with!  Love to you all - Pete's Wife

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