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Friday, August 29, 2014

Open House at Squirrel Haven 09/01/00

Posting this Mindwalker1910 e-mail on the DAY it was written - the Friday before Labor Day - rather than on the date.  elm  08/29/14.

Our open house on Sunday puts me in mind of another open house, one that took place on this very date eleven years ago. 

It did not make much sense for John - who had very little experience with putting on social events - to take on the traditional groom's-family hosted Rehearsal Dinner, especially with his mother recuperating from a broken hip. 

Instead, on the Friday before The Day, Mim, Elsa and I had an open house at 2501 Woodland Road.  Although Elsa's entire focus was on the Australian family, who would be with us such a short time, in my mind it equally honored all of them, especially the bride and groom .

What a happy, happy evening that was.  Peggy & Jack & Karen, Renee & Jim with Eryn & Lauren, Elsa & Gareth, B.A.'s Australian contingent, friends of the bridal couple, friends of Mike & Kerry's, friends of mine - - it was a great evening, crammed to the rafters with lots of rampant loving and great fun. 

That whole time - especially Friday, Saturday and Sunday, when the house and our lives brimmed over with family, friends and love - was magic.  The Ripleys were here for the wedding - all of them, even David.  The Peddicords were here.  It felt like all of my nearest and dearest were here, even the ones who weren't. 

It was a blessing that the weather that entire Labor Day weekend was really nice, not the oppressive, hot and humid stuff that we are slogging through this weekend.   The heaven's smiled on us all!

Love to you all - Mother of the Bride

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