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Monday, August 11, 2014

World turned upside down 08/11/00

It will be, in September, when Sydney hosts the Summer Olympics.  My favorite "city around the bay" will be at the top of the world, if you know what I mean. 

The world's eyes have been turning to Sydney for months now.  People who did not know a lot or did not know anything about this remarkable city are seeing its spirit and energy. 

As a sometime-Sydneysider myself, I know firsthand its special charm.  My goodness, "charm" falls short.  San Francisco has charm, London has charm, Bryn Athyn has charm  - I do not know what adjective could do Sydney justice. 

When I was a young woman, it was popular to say that everyone should visit Paris before they died.  Today, that would be Sydney. 

If my health and medical insurance permitted, I would be on a plane down there tomorrow.  I am happy that I will get to see so much of my much  missed home away from home during the Olympic coverage. 

I have noticed how differently Sydneysiders seem to be responding to playing host to the Games compared to Atlanta, four years ago.  Anyway, Atlanta turned itself inside out with pride that the Games gave the city world class status.  In the case of Sydney, they already know they're world class, with
or without the Olympics.   

In this prejudiced Nan's opinion, the Games are as blessed to be taking place in Sydney as Sydney is honored to host the Games. 

Come September, my favorite piece of jewelry will be the Southern Cross!

I remember when I visited Mike & Kerry that first time.  I was at some gathering and - being a sky watcher - went out on the deck and looked up at a sky full of stars.   

Laughing at myself, I said out loud - "Oh, I forgot that you do not have the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper."  

It seemed like a chorus of voices rang out with, "WE have the Southern Cross!" 

To my delight, dear John Sandow - who is a meteorologist - came out and pointed out to my wondering eyes the Southern Cross.   

I wish I could describe how it felt looking at it that first time.  Like finding the right adjective for Sydney, my vocabulary falls short.

At least I know how to tell you all how much you mean to me.  Love to all my dear friends, in whatever hemisphere you may be, with special hugs to current Sydneysiders,  Kimberly & Scott - Nan Lockhart

(For 2nd-to-none Olympic coverage, check out smh.com.au - the Sydney Morning Herald;  gives me chills to count down the torch relay - 34 days to go.) 

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