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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Social Whirlwind 08/31/00

What a week it was.  

 Last Tuesday, Becky came by and we had a pleasant visit.

Wednesday evening, Erin and Louise made a surprise visit and about 15
minutes after they left, Bob and Margaret arrived for dessert, as scheduled.  (That was an incredible evening, which I would like to write more about sometime down the road.) 

Thursday night is always an UNsocial time for me, since that is the night John & Elsa see their communication coach and it is just me and the dolls & stuffies here at Squirrel Haven. 

Sunday, we had another delightful surprise visit, this time from Cheryl, Dave & Candy. 

Then, last night, Adriene, a delightful young friend of Elsa's (she is 26 and looks like she strolled right out of the '60s, not pretending to look that way, but really that way inside), came for supper. 

The best was saved for last - a card AND e-mail letter from my granddaughter, Karen, filled with her energy.  She wrote about several Hurstville gals, one of whom is in the USA (Colorado)  and the other will be here soon, so they count as guests too.

With all the energy and affection pinging around these walls, it is no wonder that Dave  says he found me in better shape than he has in some time. 

Oh – I reactivated my participation in an online discussion group that helps keep me on my toes.  Life is good.

Love from a night owl ~ Cyber Gram ~

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