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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Walking Tall 08/08/00

I expected to be proud this summer of the accomplishments of my “sometime" hometown, to see Sydney set the world on its ear with the best Summer Olympics ever.  I did NOT expect Philadelphia to shine as it did during the Republican Convention, which just ended. 

It feels as all of us in the Greater Philadelphia area have grown at least an inch, we are walking so tall with pride over what so many people
accomplished.  To anyone who knows Philadelphia, it borders on the miraculous. 

It took one person to believe.  That person was Ed Rendell, and I thank him for the inspired lunacy that made him think Philadelphia - who boo for Santa - could pull it off.  It took an entire metropolitan area covering parts of three states to make it come true. 

The most remarkable thing to come out of the convention was how Police Commissioner John F. Timoney handled the same "demonstrators" who created havoc in Seattle and in Washington, D.C.  This man went from seeing his police force condemned less than a month ago for beating up a carjacker to having everyone singing praises for how they successfully defused a potential powder keg, people just itching for a fight.  The sight of our police force - including the commissioner - on mountain bikes instead of on motorcycles, police cruisers or horses is a sight I will never forget. 

People did not know who the older gent was on a bike.  He even got roughed up by some of the protestors, who did not know whose bike they were fooling around with. 

The city did itself proud and I am so happy.  Pete, who was born and bred in the Philadelphia briar patch, would have been so pleased with it all. 

To Commissioner Timoney, the people who pulled off a "flawless" (Mayor Street's new favorite word) convention, all the hotel staffs who welcomed the delegates, the people - including Becky Cooper - who volunteered time and energy, the citizens of Philadelphia who showed the world it really is the City of Brotherly Love, I give a hearty, "Good on ya, mates!" 

Next up - SYDNEY!

Love to one and all - International Grammie

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