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Friday, August 1, 2014

pizza 08/01/00

I remember my grandson Scott's contempt for American pizza, where people eat it plain and consider three or four  toppings "the works."  He told us tales of Australian pizza and the bounty of toppings they had.  We would take him up to Mom's Pizza in Newtown if we were ordering pizza because he could let loose, although I think he never got past considering three or four topping a pretty skimpy pie. 

While  "surfing" last night for Canberra web sites, we came across a study that ran on an Australian TV station.  It was about which pizza chain has the most toppings.  Domino's and Pizza Hut, which have invaded Australia, had the most meat and cheese but lagged way behind when it came to vegetables and other toppings.  They were also the most expensive. 

Personally, I would like those two American "carpet baggers" to leave Australia's sunny shores.  I liked Scott's description and pride in his native pizza.  On the other hand, maybe the contact with the more creative toppings so popular in "Oz" will work their way back to the States.  What a pleasant thought to go off to bed with.

Nite nite and God bless - Nan

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