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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

the torch heads home 08/12/00

One posting bright and early, then this one late at night.  I was just reading in tomorrow’s Sydney Morning Herald that tomorrow, 69 days after the  Olympic torch was lit in the shadow of Uluru, it will leave  Victoria and enter New South Wales for the last stretch of a relay that has taken it around Australia.  The Olympic torch in New South Wales – I just want to let that image fill my mind and heart.  It gives me shivers to think of its last lap, over a month from now, when its flame will be tipped into and light the Olympic cauldron.  

Mike and Kerry and Karen and all my friends in New South Wales must be popping with excitement and pride.  I have followed it every day, thanks to reading the online version of the Sydney Morning Herald.  What wonderful stories and first-hand accounts.  

I loved the story about the Reverend Merrick Webb, who was part of the Olympic torch relay before the Melbourne Games in 1956 and who will carry the torch again in 2000 – this time, he will be in a wheelchair.  Nothing holds back Australians!

I am going to bed with goose bumps – Nan

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