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Friday, August 22, 2014

Wanted: social secretary 08/22/00

It has been a long time since I have had the number and variety of visitors that I have had this summer.  It has been delightful. 

This afternoon, Becky Cooper came over for a visit.  I felt myself getting on edge in the morning, worrying about what if she came and I had not finished my lunch.   

Like a lot of people, when something special is coming up, I get nervous.  At one time, I would have let my nerves get the better of me.  Instead, I found myself thinking that if I was still eating when she came by, we would just talk while I finished.  Progress! 

Another thing I worried about was whether Becky would find me a good conversationalist.  She has done so much with her life.  I live life - especially now - on a small scale and when I read about what she has done and  is doing I think of her as living large.

As it turned out, we had a satisfying conversation.  She would talk and ask questions and I would talk and ask questions.  I especially enjoyed that she is going after her teaching certificate. 

I like being around Becky.  She is forthright, which is a quality I have always admired.  I like watching her as she talks, she wraps what she says in tremendous energy.  It was a wonderful visit and I hope she comes back.  

It is hard for young people to fully understand how it feels getting older and having so many friends unable to visit, for one reason or another.  I miss Gay a lot.  She always brought so much energy in when she would drop by for a visit.  It is lovely to think of her with her Bishop (she liked to refer to Willard as "my Bishop") but I do miss her.   

So visits are precious.  Becky - thank you for taking the time to drop by to visit this Ancient One. 

Speaking of wanting a Social Secretary, we are having an open house here at Squirrel Haven on Sunday, September 3.  It is a chance for people to have what Elsa calls a "gab with the Gramster,"  see the summer tree, wish John & Elsa happiness on their 11th anniversary.  I think it is from 4-6.  Elsa will post information on my web site ...  it is plain, but it is all mine. 

This old Gramster needs to get her face washed, teeth scrubbed and tucked in.

Love to you all -  Katharine Reynolds Lockhart

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