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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Drenched 07/30/00

From early this evening to just about a few minutes ago, we were drenched with torrential rains.  It was scary watching water rush in torrents down Pheasant Run.  I was scared stiff when Elsa announced she was going out in it.  My Flourinef medicine had run out and she was togging up to head out into the wet.  Little did I know that it would be 90 minutes before she got back from what should be a 15 minute drive.

It was so frightening, sitting in the living room waiting and listening to the occasional police and fire sirens.  She called once she got to the pharmacy, but then it took her another 45 minutes to get home.  Philmont Avenue was flooded - she expected that - but so were all the other major roads leading home.  The only way she made it was by working her way through the developments. 

I was so glad to see her.

The rain has stopped, but there is still the occasional siren.  I am glad that
Faithful Scribe is back and I hope that all the drivers still out there arrive in their homes like she did, damp but safe and sound.

Love from a relieved - MOM

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