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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Family happiness 01/22/01

This whole hospital stay business has yielded unexpected - and delightful - benefits.  I am not talking about the home nurse who stops by a couple times a week or the physical therapist who has been keeping tabs on me.  I am talking about how my family responded, and continues to respond.

Mim called during the inauguration to see if I was watching (I was not, since watching television makes me tense).  Kerry (and through her, Mike) continues to keep tabs via e-mail.  Peter has offered to treat me to a new coat.  I am enjoying every moment!

There was an article in yesterday's Philadelphia Inquirer by Lucia Herndon that seems appropriate to send at this time.  Last week, her column was about a mother whose new son-in-law questioned that the family was as close knit as they thought they were.  This week's follow-up article -  "Family happiness seems to be a journey" - struck me as "share worthy."  If you have any thoughts after reading it, I would love to hear them.

Before I sign off, a special "Good on ya!" to my daughter-in-law Kerry, who left today for Perth, where she will open a new neonatal counseling center.  I am proud of her - and will be interested in hearing how Mike does on his own for three months. 

Hugs all around - Kerry's "Mum"

wish i could find a link to the article mom mentions - 
13+ years down the road, no sign of it!

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