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Friday, January 9, 2015

Here today, gone tomorrow 01/09/01

I got my walking papers -  John picks me up tomorrow.  Elsa cannot take the day off, as she was just notified that she will be joining a key transition team (her company just acquired all of Merrill Lynch's 401k plans, whatever that means) next week, so she's grounded at work getting things tidied up.   

Tomorrow night, I will be sleeping in my own bed.  Ahhhhhhhh. 

I asked Elsa take home some of the things that were brightening my room - the boughs of fake forscythia, the basket filled with sunny things from the summer tree, the collage of photos from the women's weekend at Tonche, cards from John & Elsa, from "The Kids," and from Brenda/Maggie/Charlie.  I will have to drift off to sleep without Julie's beautiful "Faberge" eye within eyeshot, Justin (one of my minkeys from home) or Zwing (already nicknamed Z, Zoot or jaZZ) a minkey that Brenda/Charlie/Maggie put into my care during my stay. 

I am going home.  It's about time.   

Good things have come from this too-long stay.  Dr. Litt will have a better shot at figuring out what is (and is not) happening with my elderly frame and what to do about it. That alone is worth the time  (she says through gritted teeth). 

The best thing to come out of my hospital stay has been experiencing my family gathering around me in a caring hug.  It is special to feel cared about and deliciously visible. 

Love to one & all and special thanks to all whose loving thoughts and comforting words have made a difference.   >>KRL<<

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