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Friday, January 30, 2015

CHUTNEY 01/30/01


Have you ever tasted chutney?   More specifically, Major Grey's Chutney?  I can't remember the first time I tasted it - and I have been wracking my brains ever since dinner, trying to remember - but it is one of my favorite taste delights.

It came to mind because we had pork tenderloin for supper, served it with a good sized dollop of Major Grey's Chutney.  Major Grey's denotes is the type of chutney, not the brand.  The type of chutney is a combination of mango, ginger, raisins and other luscious ingredients.  The brand was Cross & Blackwell, which was very good.  

My favorite brand, which I have not seen for years and years, is Sun Brand.  It has more bits and pieces and less "sauce." 

Major Grey's Chutney has a delightful bite to it, what some people might call a bit of a kick.  That is due to the ginger.  I love ginger - ginger root, ginger spice, ginger crisp cookies, crystalized ginger (I feel like I have died and gone to heaven when I eat crystalized ginger), ginger marmalade...   You get the picture.  When I eat it, I can taste the sun of the Indian subcontinent, from whence it came.

It is wonderful with pork, a perfect foil to a curry, and out of this world dipped in dark chocolate.   

A simple and scrumptious appetizer is to put a block of cream cheese on a serving dish and pour the chutney right over it.  Elsa made a wonderful "chutney pate" for Shada and Andy Sullivan's wedding, which she served with homemade ginger snaps.  It is simple and tasty - all you do is combine 8 ounces of top quality cream cheese (softened) with 1/4  cup of the chutney (Elsa uses a whole jar to get as many bits and pieces as  possible, then chops them up).   It is delicious.

In my day, she would not have needed to buy an entire jar to get enough bits and pieces.  Unfortunately, as the price of the ingredients have gone up, the amount of bits and pieces of ginger, raisins and mango has gone down.  I do miss the Sun Brand. which I remember as chockful with them.

If you get a chance and you like a sharp, snappy taste, give a bit of chutney - Major Grey's Chutney - a whirl.  Maybe you will be able to taste the sun, too.

It's almost time to take a hike up the wooden hill.  

Happy trails to you -  Grammie

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