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Friday, January 2, 2015

More Serendipity - dispatch from HRM 01/02/01

My life has been touched by serendipity these past few days.  First, I came
across Mike's wonderful letter about Pete on "our" day, New Year's Eve. 

Yesterday, my all-classical music station played "Rhapsody in Blue," Pete's

favorite piece of music.  Then, today, my oldest son, Peter, was lined up to

take me to an appointment with my GP.  This is one of very few, if any, times

that Peter has been available to hoof me over to appointment.   

Things changed a bit yesterday, after yours truly took a tumble in the living room.  I still do not know if I lost my balance putting a glass of water (more serendipity - it was not coffee) on the coffee table.  In light of the tumble of my late night hot flashes, Elsa decided she would take today off and go over with us.

She took her car and Peter took me in his.  

It meant the world to me to have both of my children there.  Elsa came in

with me while I was weighed, which was a blessing, since I am wobbly on my

feet these days.  Then she stayed with me for my consult with Dr. Litt.  He

checked over my chart and checked out my legs.  

 Again, it was good to have Elsa there.  To Dr. Litt, my legs were greatly improved over my last visit when they were worse than they are now.  Elsa was able to tell him that while they looked good to him, there had been significant improvement since I started taking the higher dosage of lasix and that they had gotten significantly worse over the past week or so - about the same time frame as my increased shortness of breath.  

Would you believe that I forgot to take a list of my symptoms?  I thought I had, but it turned out to be the list from my last visit.

Dr. Litt gave me two options - have a lot of tests as an outpatient (which is what my heart wants) or be admitted to Holy Redeemer Hospital for extensive inpatient testing.  My head said yes before my heart had figured out the question.  Instead of heading back to hearth and home, I headed up to Room 2038.

Elsa had to leave before Dr. Litt could complete the arrangements, but Peter was there.  He was everything a mother could ask for - a rock and a comfort.  I was blessed to have him there. 

Was it mere accident that lead him to take me to my appointment today, instead of my usual chivalrous chauffeur, Kent Hyatt?  I  think not. 

I asked Elsa to post this for me. I hope that I am sound asleep at HRH when this goes winging out to you.  When I do not balk or feel panicked at being admitted to the hospital, you KNOW that I am feeling weak.  Only good things can come from this.   Please hold me in your thoughts.  Holding you all in my heart gives me strength and renewed spirit.

Nite nite and God bless from Room 2038 -  Peter's Mom

from Elsa - - I will happily print out any e-mail greetings to Mom.  I'll be taking the "wellness" chain into her room.  Bryn Athynites who'd like to send a "snail mail" card  or note should mail it to Box 165;  all others can send to 450 Pheasant Run, Feasterville, PA 19053.  Starting tomorrow night, we'll have a message on our answering machine with the day's progress.  Mom is in good spirits - spunky but frail. We took over the flowers that Karen sent at Christmas, which are still in pretty good shape, and a stuffie that normally keeps guard on her night stand.  *elm* 

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