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Monday, January 19, 2015

Crab cake, cole slaw and french fries 01/15/01

(oops - skipped this treasure!  elm  01/19/15)

My right eye started acting up just before my appointment with Dr. Litt and things got worse with it while I was in hospital.  Today was a 1:15 p.m. appointment with my eye doctor, Dr. Miller.  Once again, I had the joy of being chauffeured by my oldest son, Peter.  I cannot tell you how I felt introducing him to Dr. Miller and watching as Dr. Miller extended his hand to shake Peter's with a warm, "It is good to meet you." 

Peter sat in on the appointment.  Having him near by helped me to remember things I might otherwise have forgotten.  Dr. Miller is none too happy with the condition of the right eye, so he gave me several bottles of eye drops which hopefully will take care of the problem. 

As we strolled out of the office, Peter asked if I had already eaten lunch.  I had not, so he asked if I would rather go straight home or toddle off to "put on the old feed bag" (my words, not his).  As you can guess, knowing me, off we went in search of lunch.

He took me to a place we had been to before - I think it is called Mike's York Street Bar & Grill.  It is near the intersection of Old York Road and Street Road (hence the name).  I was one happy Mom.  Peter ordered a heaping helping of nachos and I ordered crab cake, cole slaw and french fries - oh, and a glass of wine.  What does it say about me that the food was tasty, but what I remember most is the wine?!! 

I am feeling a bit tired this evening, but happy.  I am sad to miss this evening's gathering of Caritas (people who are interested in discussing the role of women in our church), especially since Peter Buss and Alfred Acton, our current bishops, are attending.  My spirit was willing, but the flesh was just too worn out.

It is loverly to feel fussed over, cared for and cherished.  This weekend, I had John & Elsa, friends at Daddypop's, Shannon and Louise.  Today, it was Peter. 

Best medicine this Mom - Mum - Gocky - Nan - Grammie - Gramster - Aunt Kay - Kay - CyberGram - TechnoGram - Grandma L' - Gammie et al could have.  

Nite nite and God bless from a blissful - >>KRL<<

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