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Sunday, January 25, 2015

the more it snows... 01/21/01

Yesterday was grey and wet and nasty.  This morning, the scene outside is bright and beautiful.  Yesterday's nastiness turned to snow after dark and it looks like we got around three or four inches.  The roads seem okay - I hear cars heading up and down Pheasant Run at a pretty good clip.  

 A good morning for a nice hot mug of Maxwell House Columbian Coffee (decaf) - "Good to the last drop!"

The Christmas mugs, which took place of honor for the past six weeks on the kitchen mug rack, were honorably retired to the basement - where the Lockhart mug collection hang from the beams.  A new lot have taken their place, all cleaned up and ready for use. 

Sad to say, I cannot use most of our beloved mugs.  They are too heavy.  I use a light-weight plastic mug that Elsa got when she worked for Cory Coffee Services - the mug was the only good thing she got out of that experience.  

 Joy of joys, Elsa found another light-weight mug to use - a plastic mug with "Bermuda" blazed across it, a souvenir from my trips to Bermuda with my dear friend, Consuela Rosenquist.  I look forward to using it, remembering the happy times we had and the warmth of the island and friends like Mrs. Tucker. 

Mrs. Tucker was a lovely woman.  She was not a native Bermudian, although most people thought she was.  I remember mentioning detecting a suggestion of southern cadence to her speech.  "Zounds!" she said, "I am discovered!"  It turned out that she was from the South, Virginia or Kentucky as I recall.

Among the mugs I cannot heft is one of the two ironstone mugs that Pete and I brought back from London - we found them at Scottish House (right name?).   

There is the "Sacramento" mug that Scott gave Elsa as a thank you for taking him to visit the Ripley ranch and an overnight to San Francisco.   
I was horrified to discover that Elsa was 100% behind Scott not tagging along with us in San Francisco.  A college sophomore, who knew not hide nor hair about the city, alone in San Francisco?   I caved in, but was nervous - not Elsa, who said that he would be bored tagging after us and fine on his own.  He proved her right - that lad traipsed hither and yon like a native.  Pete would have been proud. 

There is the mug of Henry VIII and his wives that Scott brought back for the mug collection from a later trip to England.  Scott is a born globe trotter.
 There is the mug that one of the girls found in the 1980s that proclaims, "Never trust anyone under 30."  The mug with Nipper, the RCA dog, listening to "his master's voice" on a Victrola, a mug that Peter donated to the collection fairly recently, a momento from when he worked in the 1960s for RCA out in Bloomington, Indiana. 
 There is the mug emblazoned with "You can't beat the System" with a map of the London Underground, a present from Gretchen Lee (Glover) to Elsa after Gretchen's trip to the UK  with Brenda Rydstrom.  


There is the handsome "rustic" mug with "ER II  1952-1977" that Elsa brought back from an earlier trip to the UK with Gretchen which coincided with the Queen's 25th anniversary as monarch of the realm. 

There is a mug from Candy and Dave with a "Brambley Hedge" illustration - very cozy looking.    


There is one mug with bold colors that I cannot place, which Elsa says she bought at some place or other, she does not remember where.

It is time for this Gramster to head downstairs for breakfast and a hot mug of coffee.  I wish steaming hot mugs of whatever for the Northern Hemisphere portion of my circle and tall, chilled glasses of something wonderful for those in the Southern Hemisphere.  A special toast to Scott and Kimberly, who celebrate their first wedding anniversary on Monday.

Love to all on this beautiful morning -  >>Scott & Kimberly's Nan<<

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