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Monday, January 5, 2015

dispatch from KRL - Margaret, round up the girls! 01/06/01

Break me out of here!
 I am ready to come home.   

I will not be discharged until Tuesday at the earliest, but I am ready - I am past ready - to go home now

Love - Aunt Kay

( from Elsa - Mom was put on a liquid diet tonight and with that change has come a change in her physical and mental condition.  I read to her this afternoon and Mom was able to follow along.  She wouldn't have this evening.  

This afternoon, she demolished almost every last bite of her lunch, so her appetite is healthy.  Chicken broth, Jello squares and raspberry sherbert didn't make much of a dent at dinner.   

Mom fretted because of feeling afraid that she might fall.  I was very proud that she didn't say she was being foolish, which would have been true to her old pattern.  Instead, we discussed the change in her diet/how she was feeling and she could see - at least at that moment -  that it was a reasonable fear.   

Her heightened sense of worry concerns me - uneasy memories of the extreme paranoia she experienced when her electrolytes went crazy about 8 years ago, so I alerted the nursing staff about her history. 

 I will be relieved when she has her colonoscopy (sp?) on Monday and goes back on a regular diet. )  

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