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Friday, January 16, 2015

Shortbread, salad and shrimp

When we drove home from the hospital last Wednesday, I looked forward to settling down in the big chair in the living room and being at home.   After I had settled in, what I wanted more than anything was something sweet.  I did not want crackers or cinnamon toast or a steaming mug of soup, I wanted something toothsomely sweet. 

We had a magnificent basket of chocolate treats that Mike and Kerry had ordered from a New England merchant at Christmas - sadly, although I adore chocolate, it no longer likes me and I cannot eat it. 

There were  bits of Christmas candy, but they were not what my soul craved.   What joy when Elsa remembered that Margaret and Bob and also Brenda had included Walker's Shortbread in their Christmas presents to me.   

I am lucky that, rich as it is, my constitution can still manage shortbread.  I remember sitting there in the living room with a cup of Arbuckle's hazelnut decaf coffee (a pouch showed up in my stocking - Santa knows me well) and two rounds of shortbread.  My taste buds had a field day.  It was a lovely, luxurious moment.

One of the great blessings in my life is that my taste buds remain in fine shape. They have not dulled with age or illness.  That makes a big difference.   

So does having access to tasty food.  Elsa goes out for breakfast on Saturdays, usually to Daddypops in Hatboro.  She gets the special (coffee, cranberry juice, two eggs over easy, grits and wheat toast) and a sticky bun to bring home to me.  

When she was about to head out this past Saturday on her breakfast run, John stunned her by asking if he could come.  Very unJohnlike, since he rarely gets up before noon due to getting to bed late and terrible sleep patterns.  After they got me up and put on my shoes (neither of which I can do by myself at this point), off they toddled, up to Pat's Colonial Kitchen in Newtown.


On their return, they surprised me with Lisa's Salad, a great favorite of mine.  It felt wonderful sitting there, eating my salad and listening to descriptions of the drive they took after lunch.  I was a happy lady.

It was a toothsome weekend.  On Saturday night, we blew the wad and got a seafood combination as well as our usual favorites, all from our favorite Chinese food take out place, over "the border" on Krewstown Road in NE Philadelphia.  Utterly pampered, sitting there in the living room, my plate piled with chicken and broccoli, chicken fried rice, chicken chow mein (we like chicken), and the scrumptious seafood combination.   

(We take all our meals in the living room because the wide arms of my big chair are perfect for perching my plates, coffee mug & eating irons.)

Then, last night, I had my favorite sandwich - bacon, lettuce and tomato with mayo on toasted white bread, plus french fries.  What a far, far cry from the week before.


I almost forgot one more taste treat from yesterday - as she put on my shoes, Elsa asked  if I would like to go out to breakfast and I took her up on her offer.  I walked out to the car, then from the car to Daddypop's, up the short flight of steps, hefted myself up onto a counter stool, and had a glorious breakfast of eggs and Ken's famous home fries and diner coffee and toast and glorious bacon.  


The going was a little wobbly, getting back into the car, but it felt great to be out in the fresh air and to see people - the folks at Daddypop's feel like family - who are dear to my heart. 

It is good to be home.  I am eating well and getting good care.  My physical therapist has stopped by several times since my return home.  He is pleased with my mobility and delighted I went out yesterday.  

Shannon Stevens stopped by and we visited for over ninety minutes.  Her mom, Louise, dropped a couple days ago with a light but cozy warm coat - my own coat has been missing in action, gone walk-about somewhere between my appointment at Dr. Litt's and being admitted to the hospital.  That was so lovingly considerate of Louise and the coat fits - I wore it to Daddypop's and did not even need mittens, the sleeves were long enough to keep my hands  warm.  

Medicine goes a long way to making me feel stronger and physical therapy helps, but nothing gives a spiritual and physical boost like friendship, caring and love.  Oh, and some tasty nibbles!

Love to you all on a grey, chilly Monday morning - Aunt Kay

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