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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

YUCK! 01/07/01

I felt a lot better this morning and this afternoon than I did last night.  This morning, a physical therapist dropped by and suggested we go for a walk.

Every time Elsa had suggested taking a stroll down the corridor, I had said no.  It felt great.  I am used to doing a fair amount of walking at Squirrel Haven - up and down a short flight of steps, to and from the kitchen - and my walks over the past 6 days had been restricted to the three feet between my bed and the commode. 

After the walk, which pepped me up immensely, I realized that part of my problem last night was extreme boredom.

Elsa came over after Contemporary Service and brought a tape.  Jeremy had previewed the sermon for me during his visit a few days ago, so the material was familiar, but it was lovely to hear his delivery.  The music was a joy and included two of the hymns slated for use at my memorial celebration – one of Mike's two picks was "O'er the Silent Water" and Mim picked "The Trees of the Field (will clap their hands)."  I sort of felt like Tom Sawyer listening in on his funeral service.

Later, after Elsa had left, Brenda came by with a card and a new minkey for the Squirrel Haven hug of stuffies. 

I was feeling pretty chirpy. Then it all came crashing down.

They made me drink castor oil.

Castor oil is in every way, shape and form as horrible as legend has it.  Disgusting stuff - disgusting texture, disgusting taste, disgusting aftereffects.  Yuck, double yuck.


When Elsa stopped by tonight, I was one unhappy lady - I could not get the taste of it out of my mouth and it churned up my stomach, making rumbly sounds so loud that Elsa could hear them all the way at the end of my bed. 

Elsa says that the depth of my revulsion - a word that perfectly the best word I can think of - is a good indicator that at least I have more energy than I had last night.  Always looking on the bright side, that girl. 

The capper is that the procedure is pretty yucky itself, adding indignity and discomfort to revulsion. 

Wish me luck - hopefully I will get done earlier enough in the morning that I can have a real lunch. 

Keeping my fingers crossed  - CyberGram

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