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Thursday, July 3, 2014

change and renewal in around I see 07/03/00

At one time, not that long ago, I would be getting ready to get our 4th of July picnic together.  They were pretty legendary in their day.  All the standbys - potato salad, deviled (or, as Reynolds called them, doubled) eggs, lots of fried chicken, pickles, several varieties of olives - topped off with my Double-Fudge Cake.   

I remember when Whitney was just a toddler and the three of them - Peter & Pam and Whitney - came for the Bryn Athyn 4th, which would become a tradition with Peter and his children.  Pam laid out a delicious picnic - various marvelous cheeses, french bread and an excellent wine.   But it could not hold a candle, in my opinion, to our spread.  Sure enough, in no time, the two blankets were merged.  We nibbled their cheeses and they loaded up from our basket.  It was loverly.

The best I can do these days is to remember such grand times.  Picnic going is no longer on my schedule.  But instead of moaning & groaning over what was and is not, this year we took a different approach.  We are having our picnic - complete with burgers, hot dogs, potato salad and doubled eggs – tonight and we even borrowed a family ~  Carol & Deno Brannon and their daughter Justine (who is dear to Elsa's heart).  As it turns out, Justine has a friend staying with them, so we will be a merry group of seven.  A lucky number, indeed.

That is what I like so much about my life at the moment.  It is not the same at it was, but it is not less, just different.  Keeps me on my toes!

Love to one & all.  Time to get ready for our guests!  Good bye and God bless

- Gram

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