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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Red Letter Day 07/12/00

What a day, for all three of us. 

It actually started yesterday, when Elsa lost a favorite earring.  They were the type that hang off a sort of looped bit of wire that hangs down the back and she had not used those teeny rubber things that keep the wire from slipping through the ear.  It fell off sometime during or after lunch.  She looked and looked but it was nowhere to be found.  She was still sort of wistful about it when she got home, but not down.  In fact, she talked about the opportunity opened by losing the earring - it gave her a chance to touch base with the person who had designed and made the bead and the earring. 

I would have wanted to get down on the floor and kick and scream in the same boat, but she just said, "Everything that happens opens a door." 

There was a happy ending - she found the missing earring this afternoon under her desk, when she was not looking for it at all.

The big news from John is that he just got a project from the Franklin Mint.   Hubba hubba!  His two women folk - and countless stuffies - are popping our buttons with pride.  He will be working on it in his studio here at Squirrel Haven, so I will still have no worries when it comes to care.

My big news is that for the first time I turned on the CD player, turned on the CD selection and managed to play a CD.  This might not sound like much to you, but it is genuinely an epic moment for me.  Modern day electronical equipment intimidates me. 

This afternoon, Elsa called up from B&N/Willow Grove to tell me that she & John would be stopping off for about an hour on the way home (John had used her car to go to the Franklin Mint and drove her to and from work).  Not hearing any music in the background, she asked if I had the radio on.  I explained that it was turned to a talk station and I could not figure out how to find the classical music station.  Knowing how lonely late afternoon and early evening can be for me, she suggested I play one of the CDs already loaded up.  Gulp.  That meant turning it on and everything by myself.

I went over to the CD player, while Elsa stayed on the phone.  She talked me through turning it on and everything.  I did not get it right the first few times, but I did not get discouraged, but stayed "on task" as Elsa says and, by jove, I did it!  It might not sound like much, but it meant a lot to me.

 It is way past my bedtime - am up and away.  Love - Cybergabster 

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