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Sunday, July 20, 2014

sleepy head 07/20/14

Babies and old people - we both need an incredible amount of sleep. 

The weather continues to be nice, knock wood.  Last summer was nasty, there  is no other word for it.  This summer has been cooler and we are not dry as a bone, as we were in 1999.  I think we have had the air conditioner on about four times so far, and we are over half way through July.

I do wish I had more vim and pep and vigor.  It is dispiriting to want to go to bed right after supper, as I did tonight. 

I ordered a darling stuffed lamb from Avon, which arrived today.  We were kidding that since I call my commode "Lamb" we should call the lamb "Commode."  I must confess to christening her Loo-Loo.  I think I will set her aside to give to my first great grandchild.  That is a lovely thought to go off to bed on.

Nite nite and God bless - Ma Lockhart

(fyi - within a couple years, the little lamb did go to Campbell Siddons, Mom's first grandbaby)

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