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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

the LORD and His love for His church 07/02/00

Oh, John Odhner delivered a wonderful talk at today's Contemporary Service.  Blessings on the Sound Recording people who make it possible to listen and relisten to these services.  I have already played today's twice.

There are so many things about it that speak to my heart and my faith.
Knowing that Lori Soneson Odhner was singing set a special tone from the beginning.  One of the songs she and Heidi Scharr sang was based on my favorite passage from Joshua - As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord;  it moved me to tears, it was so beautiful.  Knowing from Elsa who was at the service, that John & Lori's children portrayed the sheep.  John's clear, strong, loving voice.  He so clearly has affection for the subject - Jacob seeing Rachel for the first time at the well. 

It deeply affected me hearing John describe how the story related to the Lord's love of His Church (which is in our hearts).  That moving the stone from the mouth of the well relates to the Lord removing obstacles from our understanding of truth.  Once the barrier is removed, the "waters" - the truths - of the Lord's revelation can be revealed and the soul refreshed. 

The talk gave an uplifting awareness to the many obstacles in my life.  Listening to John read passages from the Word and Writings having to do with water was very special, as was listening to him sing as part of a trio with Lori and Heidi.

The service speaks to my heart.  Just remembering it makes me feel a sense of deep peace.

Blessing on you all, my dear friends.  I hold each of you in my heart.  *KRL*

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